I've hit a wall...

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I've hit a wall...

Post  ellenpham on Sat Jun 28, 2008 12:39 am

I think my students have stopped doing their voicethreads... and hence, I've stopped making them. What's the point in making them if no one uses them? David, how do you keep going when this happens...lots of times you post something on EFL and nobody says anything, yet you still go on... is it because it is your job, or some other motivation? I admit, I am a feedback junkie. Without some interaction, I lose interest. Being online has exacerbated this problem, along with the fact that there is no notification when someone replies to a VT, so before I get discouraged I do a final check on the VTs... nope, nobody for my last two, and before that interest was definitely dwindling.

On a slightly different tack... I've found that people usually only respond to the first 4-5 pages on VTs. In general, the longer the VT, the less response.

This is a strange emoticon, I have to try it out cyclops third eye?? Totally besides the point, but do you know I have had almost complete conversations with Grazina, using emoticons? I've developed a new-found appreciation for them Smile Does anyone know how I can add more emoticon choices to my chat boxes on ning?


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